Shanti Art Portfolio: Secret life of Objects

Portfolio submission under review.

Artist's Statement:  Robert Erlandson  

This portfolio contains images which are created from a digital collage and address the theme The Secret Life of Objects.  For me, my created images often imply familiar patterns thereby suggesting  a visual metaphor for the wide range of feelings underlying my visual and written art.  The images selected for this portfolio suggest seven different objects and their respective “secret lives or dreams.”

The digital collages are created from digitally created fractal images, photographs, and digital sketches. Sometimes a fractal image says it all.  Other times, the fractal image needs support from other fractal patterns, photographs, or digital drawings.  Like a symphony, fractal patterns can be simple or complex, peaceful or tumultuous, whimsical or serious. Key to creation is the mathematical score, the program for the mathematics.  Equations are the paintbrushes and the color palette.

Humans have evolved in a world where nature is full of fractal patterns.  Throughout history people have unknowingly created fractal art; Islamic art, oriental rugs, paintings by Jackson Pollock. What is different now is that the nature of fractals is capturing the imagination of artists. 

©Robert Erlandson