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cover autumn 2019.jpg

Haigaonline  "Walking Stick" was the first issue to use Ernest Boyer's list of  8 “human commonalities”: shared experiences that define what it means to be human on this planet, as a theme. There are four issues which have a theme based on one of these commonalities.  Vol. 20-2 has life cycle as the theme.  

Haigaonline  A portfolio of 3 haiga dealing with the theme space time.

Haigaonline v21_1_Spring2020.jpg

Haigaonline  A portfolio of 8 haiga dealing with the theme work.

Vol 21-2 Autumn 2020.jpg

Haigaonline  A portfolio of 12 haiga dealing with the theme symbols, language.

cover haigaline summer 21.jpg

© 2020 Robert Erlandson

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